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OP_CAT Setup Wizard

What the f*ck is OP_CAT?


This module is designed to boost your human hard drive with insights about OP_CAT in Bitcoin's scripting language.

To maximize your system's efficiency, it's a good idea to close other applications. This helps in dedicating more memory to processing new information.

If your system freezes during the installation process, exiting and restarting the session (closing and reopening the browser tab) should resolve the issue.

Click 'Install OP_CAT' to upload this knowledge to your human memory.

Resources about OP_CAT

Here you can find resources about OP_CAT that have been used to create this website.


About this project

This project was developed during quest four of the Taproot Wizards. The purpose of this website is to educate people about the proposal to bring OP_CAT back to Bitcoin. The website is being developed by @you_are_el.

The web experience presented on this website was inscribed on Bitcoin: a7e927ae46941d7ff3e15d9a21d1889a271fd14232f398a3f5d0276a9a712680i0

If you want to learn more about inscriptions, check out this magical video or

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